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FSG Australia can assist in many areas of your life including personal support for people with a disability or living with a mental illness, housing assistance, work and learning opportunities, providing NDIS services and much more – which is why we created this clever selector we nicknamed the ‘Stepping Stones’. If you want to find out more use the contact buttons above and an FSGA Dreamweaver will be able to assist.

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This is the FSG story, so far

FSG Australia (FSGA) is a for-purpose community organisation offering a wide range of innovative services in the fields of disability, mental health, aged care, family and children’s services.

FSGA also operates several social enterprise initiatives including Cafe, Retail and Co-working spaces, FSG Realty, FSG Travel, a Plant Nursery; FSG Green Shop, packaging and selling environmentally friendly cleaning products, and The Rock Indoor Climbing Gym.

Today, FSGA is one of the largest community organisations in Queensland and we are as determined as ever to achieve our vision for a community that connects with all people and is free of social injustice.

Services that FSG offer

From NDIS planning to children’s activities, personal support and more.


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Putting profits back into your community


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